Freight Cost Reduction

We know what to look for — how to maximize every discount, and minimize your costs.

When it comes to shipping charges, like most things in business, it’s all about what you know. That’s why you need a freight cost reduction expert reviewing your shipping.

What you think you know may be costing you money.

Faulty Assumptions:

  • Freight bills are always correct
  • Negotiated discounts are automatic
  • Small extra charges are unavoidable

We offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Freight Costs Control with Specialized Auditing
  • Freight Costs Reduction through Co-Oping
  • Freight Carrier Recommendation and Rate Negotiations
  • Freight Bill Analysis and Payment
  • Bills of Lading Customization and Auditing
  • Claims Inspection and Presentations with Follow-up
  • Transportation Program Analysis
  • Department of Transportation Compliance Auditing

Find out what you could be saving

You need a permanent means of controlling and reducing your annual freight costs — not a one-time savings, but an ongoing program to ensure you pay the lowest rate.

We’re confident we can lower your freight costs. Let us crunch the numbers and provide an initial analysis for FREE.

get a free freight analysis for your shipping costs